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bdrouin@sympatico.ca+(Guest) 2216 - days ago 
what is the best excel learning program
Vijaykumar Rajendran 2196 - days ago 
You can try http://sheet.zoho.com. If you are asking for help materials or books, try this "Zoho for Dummies" :
july medina 2134 - days ago 
necesito que me ayuden a convertir una presentación en documento, es decir tengo un trabajo en grupo y obvio cada una de las integrantes del grupo debe hacer una parte y tenemos que hacerlo en el documento compartido...
mi solicitud es para que me digan como puedo hacer esa conversión, y poder agregar mi parte del trabajo... gracias...
contestar al correo: andreadance89@gmail.com

ATT: andrea
Guest 2123 - days ago 
Guest 2123 - days ago 
Federico Bianchi 2083 - days ago 
I would like to have the possibility to embed just the presentation portion of the remote. No participant list, and no chat. just the presentation. Is that possible? I would like to embed just that part to my site, and remote controle it.
taxscribd 1473 - days ago 
If I have two Blogs then whether I have to create two zoho accounts to access these blogs or it may be done by using only one zoho account.
Rodd Sheradsky 1450 - days ago 
All of a sudden, I cant create an editable new slide show nor can I edit old shows. What should I do?
Gustavo Zevallos 1399 - days ago 
I was traing to import a ppx and no way jose....... choose a valid aplication name......... no way I m gonnna quit and this is a university job....... no way
puertabrayan 1257 - days ago 
Malparidoos todoos
teacherruth 1204 - days ago 
mines more basic.

Where is the library?

How do I copy and paste a picture from another source?
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